I’m SO SORRY for posting it again. I swear it’s the last time. I SWEAR.

Anonymous said: emma is a creation belonging to eddy and adam and their canon is that emma is in love with hook. there are not multiple versions of emma. i understand shipping something but sqers are especially nasty because they think their crackship is canon and that it should be acknowledged. no other crackship does this. you don't see hooked queen shippers sending hate to the writers/actors (JMo b/c sq say they support both but jmo always receives all their ridiculous hate).

Hey anon. I think that people send hate not because they ship whatever they ship, I think people send hate because they’re hateful, mean, weak or hurt. And everyone who sends hate to anyone is SO WRONG.

Now about canon. What is canon? Canon is what writers wanted to write + what network wanted + what director filmed + how actors delivered + what every particular viewer saw. And the last part is where all the au’s come from. 

Adam and Eddy killed Charming in the pilot, btw. He’s alive just because the network insisted. So Adam and Eddy’s canon is not exactly what we see on the show. That’s why I believe in multiple au’s more than in so-called canon.

something about canon

Can we just agree that there are thousands of Storybrooks in thousands of alternative universes, and there are Storybrooks with straight Emmas and there are Storybrooks with gay Emmas? And maybe there is a world where Emma is in love with that monkey guy so their true love’s kiss breaks the curse and he is just a guy.

OUAT is basically ABC’s fanfiction based on Disney’s fanfiction based on fairytales based on other fairytales. Not to mention that those fairytales are fanfiction too. We could agree that OUAT’s version of fairytales is wrong, not canon and Little Red Riding Hood is not Big Bad Wolf etc., or we could agree that there are thousands of parallel worlds born from our imagination. And Emma from one world is not Emma from another world. And Robin in one world is with Marian, while Robin from another world is with Regina.

There is no reason for fighting. Your Emma loves Hook, her Emma loves Regina, someone else’s Emma loves Archie.

Please, stop acting like there is only one Emma when you’re clearly talking about different people.


i love how in the ouat fandom, we don’t say ohhhh pretty poster of season 4

we say “it looks too good to be official”


'who? oh, an internet friend?' yea and they're a better fuckin friend than you've ever been mate so get that disapproval out of your voice and up your goddamn game you should be ashamed of urself

We’re married with my internet friend for 7 years, our son is 3 year old. And we are STILL getting those comments about how we met. 

I think it’s a perfect swan queen song.

I just ignore it, but they keep saying 

We stand just a little too close

We stare just a little too long

Maybe they’re seeing something we don’t

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Never forget.

OUAT Are You Kidding Me?!